Sunday, April 19, 2009

F4F-3 Wildcat Hobby Boss

Why has it been such a chore for model companies to release a proper F4F-3 Wildcat in 1/72 scale? Most every Wildcat model kit in 1/72 scale that have been released over the years have been the F4F-4 model. The major difference between the two versions? F4F-4 has folding wings and the F3F-3 doesn't. This can pose a problem as the Wildcats stationed at Pearl Harbor and the USS Enterprise on Dec 7th 1941 were F4F-3 Wildcats.

Hasagawa released a F4F-3 in 1/72 about 10 years ago but when one opened the box Hasagawa included the F4F-4 wings and asked the modeler to rescribe the wings in the F4F-3 version. So when I learned that Hobby Boss released a 1/72 Wildcat F4F-3 of I bought one immediately. Unfortunetley Hobby Boss include the F4F-4 wings which was a huge let down. Since this series of Hobby Boss aircraft is simplified for young builders the kit wing is one piece, it wouldn't have been too difficult to cut the mold for the F4F-3 wing. I should have a proper review of the finished kit in the markings of one of the six USS Enterprise F4F-3 Wildcat who were unfortunate to land on Ford Island on the evening of Dec 7th 1941.

Pro: Nice crisp Fusalag details, recessed panel lines fabric covered control detailed, Easy Build for younger modelers, excellent decals that can be rearranged to make Pearl Harbor marked aircraft, tray can be cut to accomidate lower fusalag anntana.
Con: WRONG WING, Over simplified construction, no interior details, No landing wheel details, solid body that doesn't recreate "floating" cockpit details.

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